What is therapy?
What I offer

The types of therapy and the service I offer is varied and needs based. Working independently means that you or your child have more control of the theraputic process. Input can be as long or short as you require.

Options include:

  • A space to think and reflect on the issues affecting you and your child away from daily demands and stressors.
  • Theraputic interventions that involve weekly or fortnightly meetings. These run on average for twelve sessions, but can require more (or less) depending on need, motivation, readiness for change, and upon the specific psychological presentation of the person.
  • Shorter sets of sessions if you or your child feel the need to explore a particular theme in more detail in a safe and protected environment. For example a specific social difficulty or adjustment to changes.
  • A longer term theraputic relationship where you or your your child see me as and when difficulties arise.

I do not have a 'cut off' or criteria except in cases of risk where I may recommend a team approach instead.

  • Social Stories
  • Behavioural advice
  • Signposting
  • Family Therapy
  • ASD Workshops
  • ASD Education

While I am qualified and experienced in a variety of assessments I do not offer them. In my experience a private assessment will not always be useful in moving things on in the way you hope. My belief is that it would waste your time and money which could be better spent thinking with me about how to move forward with the difficulties in hand.