What is therapy?
What I offer

I will meet with you without your child for an initial consultation to explain how I might be of help, and to gather details that may be difficult to discuss with your child present.

If I feel I can be of help I will schedule two to four sessions with your child to assess their readiness for therapy and to build up a relationship.

After these sessions we will either contract a number of sessions with clear theraputic goals and actions, or think about other services that could be helpful.

It is important to understand that every child, family or person is individual and therefore I am not able to give a prescriptive number of sessions until we build a good theraputic relationship.

If your child is coming to see me it is important to understand that the theraputic process can exacerbate emotional difficulty while the child progresses through their own journey. Whilst this may be a positive indication that therapy is in fact working for them, it can be difficult to experience and manage.

Engaging in therapy is emotionally challanging. It is important to understand that there may be the occasional sessions that need to be cut short or where it seems 'nothing has been done'. While frustrating, the most important outcome is that you or your child are attending the session. These sessions are part of the process and signal that you or your child are getting in touch with the deeper more painful emotions.